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The Seneca Salamanca Chamber of Commerce offers group health insurance through their partners, Bene-Care. They offer health insurance plans, providing many different plan options, life insurance, dental, health reimbursement accounts and payroll services.


Protection, Prevention and Wellness. Simplified.

There’s no question that employers are finding it increasingly more difficult to provide employees with comprehensive, affordable medical coverage. With so many plans available, selecting the right insurance carrier, plan design, and funding arrangement can be confusing and time-consuming.

Employers often ask, “How do I continue to provide comprehensive medical coverage without exceeding my budget?”

With Bene-Care as your benefits partner, we identify your

objectives, conduct a thorough benefits analysis, and propose

recommendations that best fit the needs of your employees

(as well as your bottom line). When we work with you on multiple benefits programs, we bring the

power of benefit synergy to your advantage, better understanding the total scope of what you offer.

Bene-Care works with the leading insurance carriers to provide a diversified portfolio of products and services:


  •  Consumer Driven Health Plans

  •  Health Reimbursement Accounts

  •  Community-rated or Experience-rated plans

  •  Preferred Provider Organization

  •  Medicare Advantage Plans

  •  Health Savings Accounts

  •  Exclusive Provider Organization


For enrollment forms and underwriting click here.


Contact an account consultant for a free medical insurance quote today.


Quality Coverage Means Brighter Smiles

Need more reasons to smile about your dental plan? Let Bene-Care help you design a plan that delivers

                                                                                            quality, affordable coverage for your employees and

                                                                                            their families.

Bene-Care works with leading insurance carriers to

provide our clients with synergistic choices in smile-

protecting plans –


  •  Employee – paid 100% by the individual

  •  Hybrid  – costs shared between employer and  employee


By introducing a portfolio of dental products that meet

your needs, we can successfully provide employees

with a dental plan that eliminates the stress of costs associated with dental care.


The Benefits of Wellness. Powered By Bene-Care.

Wellness programs can often help reduce the cost of medical care for employees and employers, while

lessening medical care needs.

  •  Studies show wellness programs can increase employee productivity

  •  Research demonstrates lower absenteeism in companies with wellness programs; participating employees typically take less sick time and work more efficiently

Bene-Care offers versatile programs through multiple

wellness partnerships to meet the needs of your group,

and focus on the importance of wellness within the workplace.


Contact your account consultant today to learn more about wellness solutions from Bene-Care.


Visit our wellness blog today.

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