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Seneca Nation Center for Business Growth

  The Seneca Nation Center for Business Growth (SNCBG) was created to help emerging entrepreneurs and mature businesses on the Seneca territories. They have contracted with certain business advisors to bring their expertise in holding classes and one-on-one counseling sessions.


  SNCBG offers a six-week training program that is conducted in a hands on, interactive classroom environment, covering topics such as:


  • Being a Native American Entrepreneur

  • Why Businesses Succeed or Fail

  • Starting a New Business

  • Managing Your Business

  • Recordkeeping and Keeping Track of Your Finances

  • Marketing and Selling your Product or Service

  • Providing Excellent Service

  • People Skills Needed in the Small Business Environment

  • Developing the Business Plan

  • Group Dynamics in a Small Business Environment


  SNCBG also plays host to South Side Innovation Center (SSIC) of Syracuse University once a week for one-on-one business counseling.  The counseling location alternates between Allegany and Cattaraugus Community Centers.  To see the schedule, click here.


  The SSIC Team:


  • Assists mature entrepreneurs with expansion and/or diversification plans.

  • Supports entrepreneurs in public speaking and pitching ideas to potential investors.

  • Aids with design, development, and deployment of a continuum of funding products, including deal flow development, due diligence services, jumpstart options, micro-lending, seed fund development, deal syndication, capital lending, forgivable loans, and venture funding options.

  • Helps entrepreneurs establish a WMBE and/or DBE certification and other federal contracting designations.

    • Named incubator of the year by the National Business Incubator Association.


  For more information on the SNCBG and to register for SSIC's counseling sessions, please contact Steve Scott at (716) 532-4900 ext. 5447 or

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